Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine founded on the belief that diet, mental state, exercise, relaxation and other natural factors are central to the origin and treatment of disease. These factors connect in a triangle of holistic health, each one impinging and imposing on the others. This means that one’s nutritional status can affect one’s physical state or that physical problems can relate to how we feel emotionally.

The aim of Chris’ naturopathic consultation is to find the most appropriate and acceptable forms of treatment for each individual. This generally lasts for approximately one and a half to two hours and is therapeutic as well as diagnostic. Additionally, individual naturopathic life style recommendations are offered together with nutritional and dietary support.

Therapies employed include naturopathic advice, dietary analysis, kinesiology, quantum/SCIO therapies, therapeutic bodywork, counselling & journey work, reiki, crystal healing, homeopathy, mineral celloids & tissue salts, flower essences and phytobiophysics.

Naturopathic health treatments have been the mainstay of health for millions of people for millenia, developed by and regarded as the treatment of choice by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Chris has trained for many years to develop her holistic, yet scientific approach based on the integrity of the naturopathic approach.

Therapies offered relate to diet and nutrition including detoxification, massage and therapeutic bodywork including hydro- and aroma-therapies, the use of healing flowers and herbs either as homeopathic, tinctures or essences, also Phytobiophysics and Bach remedies as well as consideration of spiritual healing with Reiki or crystals. Additional emotional outlet techniques include counselling and Journey work.

These therapies work well alongside conventional medicine where necessary and are integrated with highly sophisticated modern technology whilst retaining the integrity of the original concepts. This combination enables the client to benefit from the maximum naturopathic help asking a worthwhile search for balanced health together with peace of mind and contentment of the soul.

It is also possible to arrange additional testing of blood, serum, etc. using up-to-date facilities in laboratories in both the UK and USA.